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Modern technologies, rich and constantly developed machinery and a wide range of products allow to meet the highest expectations of our customers in terms of marking and automatic identification.

CAD programing , 3D SOLID WORKS

Everything starts from  good 3D realization of products . We stress an importance of well programed operations to acheive good products 


LOXEE provides the digitally and screen printed graphic design . Any graphic projects can be prepared to achieve best final effects . 

Hight TEMPERATURE pressing , even up to 200 degree

Pressing systems allows to work in hight temperatures with additional cooling down systems . This allow us to work also with pre pregs

DIE CUT ultrasonic technology

We can make die cut elements for base artwork and other necessary pieces .

BEST raw materials

We work with best suppliers in industry . Any raw materials are with best quality 

UV GLOSSY lacquering

We can glossy lacquer products with UV technology. We apply just one coat in with 1 min  drying process . There is no any  lacquer waste .

ERP system

During the production process we use advanced traceability system, enabling the identification of materials, components and instrumentation used at every stage of production. At the same time we check the quality of products at every stage of production process.

CUSTOMIZE labels and stickers

Thanks to our business partner ETISOFT  , we can offer customize stickers and labels which can be apply on products and on packaging 

TAILORED packaging

we can offer a tailored packaging to any products we produce

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Research and development

Our Product Managers carefully analyze customer's needs and basing on specifications supplied they choose solutions that meet all the requirements of our customers.

Our business is based on expertise and on searching new technologies and materials. By working with the best suppliers of materials and equipment, and continuously running tests, we are able to meet the most demanding applications of our customers.

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