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The company, suppliers and their subcontractors are obliged to follow these rulesproceedings.

In cases where suppliers use consecutive economic operators for delivery products, raw materials, devices, services, etc. for LOXEE Sp. z o.o., it is the supplier's responsibility for ensuring the compliance of the subcontractor with the specified requirements

in these rules of conduct.


Child employment

Loxee does not accept any form of employment of children under the age of 16. In justified cases regarding the employment of minors from 16 to 18 years of age life, the employer is responsible for ensuring working conditions and working hours and remuneration adapted to the age of minors and resulting from the applicable ones legal regulations.

Forced labor

The Company does not tolerate any form of work performed contrary to the will or the conscious choice of the employee.

Health and safety

All employees in the Company must be provided with a safe and healthy work environment. At the same time, the employer should take all possible actions aimed at elimination of causes influencing negative working conditions.

Employee discrimination

Loxee treats all employees equally, regardless of cultural differences,religious beliefs, political beliefs, union membership, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability. All decisions regarding employment, salary, promotion, training, etc. are undertaken only on the basis of the employee's skills and professional qualifications.

Persecution and abuse

A Loxee employee must not be discriminated against or harassed as a result violation of the dignity, humiliation or humiliation of the employee. The above behavior may include physical, sexual, psychological or verbal elements.

Work hours

Loxee recognizes that an employee may not be required to work hourly exceeding the provisions contained in the adopted "Work Regulations".


An employee of the Loxee Company is entitled to remuneration for the work performed in the amount specified in the employment contract, the remuneration including additional components must be equal to or exceed the minimum wage specified in legal regulations.

Freedom of association and the right to negotiate a collective agreement

All employees have the right to freely form and join any organization representing their interests as employees. No employee may be intimidated either persecuted for exercising the right to freedom of association.

Monitoring and Compliance

Obligation to monitor the compliance of the company's operations with the implemented rules of conduct and the need to inform employees about the actions taken and their results, it is incumbent on the management of the Company.

TYCHY . 01.12.2021 r.



LOXEE Sp. z o.o. builds partnership and transparent relations with its contractors based on for shared values and ethical behavior. Code of Ethics of the supplier of LOXEE Sp. z o.o. presents attitudes that should be fundamental to fair and sustainable cooperation.

By the term "supplier" LOXEE understands its supplier of goods and services, subcontractors advisers, brokers and agents. It is important that the principles described in this Code remain communicated and adhered to throughout the entire supply chain and to the full extentsupplier liability.

We assure you that the values identified below have been written down and are implemented in the LOXEE company.

We expect you to:

1. you do not employ children under the age of 16. We accept, in justified cases employment of minors - from 16 to 18 years of age, but only

while providing them with appropriate working conditions and hours as well as the resulting remuneration from applicable law.

2. you observe the performance of work in accordance with the applicable hours at any given time by law. You do not tolerate any form of forced labor and practices such as unlawful deductions from wages. provide remuneration for the work performed in the amount specified in the employment contract, at what the remuneration including additional components must be equal to or greater than the level of the minimum wage specified in legal regulations.

4. you provide healthy and safe working conditions, in accordance with applicable law and regulations, as well as access to information on these standards, appropriate training and protective equipment.

5. you do not discriminate employees on the basis of cultural, religious and belief differences political, union affiliation, sexual orientation, age, gender or possession disability. Decisions on employment, remuneration, promotion, and training of yours employees are taken only on the basis of their skills and qualifications.

6. your overriding value is ensuring that human rights are duly respected and zero tolerance for persecution, violation of the employee's dignity, humiliation or humiliation, including physical, sexual, psychological and verbal elements.

7. you respect the right of your employees to freedom of association and association collective, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

8. you make every effort to protect the environment and minimize your impact activities and products. You voluntarily obtain, keep, and obey everyone necessary permits, licenses and registrations. You are taking initiatives to reduce waste amounts and emissions.

9. you follow the rules of fair competition, you run lawful and transparent business.

10. you avoid situations leading (or likely to lead) to corrupt activities - no you propose, do not give LOXEE employees or their families a gratuity in the form of financial or any other.

11. you respect the intellectual property rights, copyrights, do not make it available to persons or unauthorized entities information regarding projects, contractors, or any other elements of cooperation with LOXEE Sp. z o.o.


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